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The humble egg is a staple in most homes and is an explosive source of goodness.

“Next time you buy eggs, remember to pick up an extra half a dozen for your pups. Raw, scrambled, poached or boiled, your westies will love them and they completely meet their biological needs”.

Founder of the Westie Advice Group

The humble egg is one of Mother Nature’s most complete and explosive packages of nutrition.  From the shell through to the yolk every part of an egg offers 100% goodness.
So whether the egg is from a duck, a chicken or a quail, this little oval package is packed full of essential minerals, vitamins, healthy fat and protein.

What’s in an egg?

Vitamin A – supports immune system, eye and skin health.

Riboflavin, Vitamin B2 – helps digestion, aids growth and healing.

Folate – important in helping to produce red blood cells.

Iron – essential for carrying oxygen in the haemoglobin of red blood cells to produce energy.

Vitamin B12 – can help improve the protective tissue that coats the nerves in the brain.

Vitamin D – assists in balancing the phosphorous and calcium minerals for healthy bones.

Lutein – great antioxidant properties and may help with retinal and visual function.

Selenium – maybe beneficial in reducing cancer risk, aids joint health, better coat and skin, stronger immune response and antioxidant properties.

Fatty Acids – the transport system for fat soluble vitamins in the body. They help with absorption.

Biotin – may help seniors with energy levels as well as helping maintain muscle mass as a dog ages.  Also important in maintaining healthy skin, coat and nails.

Even the shell is packed full of goodness:

Hydronic Acid – can reduce inflammation in joints, can lubricate and keep a senior pet more comfortable.

Glucosamine – helps to stimulate cartilage re growth, can slow down the progression of arthritis.

Chondroitin – arthritic dogs may have less pain and more mobility.

70% Protein – stronger muscles, greater bone and body mass and helps healing. 

Collagen – helps restore moisture and skin health.

Elastin – good for healthy cartilage, spine health, and the cardiovascular system.

So next time you buy eggs, remember pick up an extra half a dozen just for your pups.   Whether raw, scrambled, poached, or boiled your Westies will love them and they completely meet their biological needs.

Two to three chicken eggs per week are recommended for a Westie.

Sue Makepeace is a certified Raw Dog Nutrition Specialist

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