Your Dogs: February

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the response we have received and can’t wait to enjoy more pictures and adventures from your beautiful dogs!

This is Olive, she is 1.5 years old. She loves to watch out the window. We live just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, USA, so today she’s watching it snow! She has brought our family so much joy!

A lovely shot of Rosie Pearl. Leigh still misses his westie, Charlie, who he sadly lost in 2021 and Rosie is helping him through.

Lisa McCloskey send us this picture of her two brilliant Westies looking like they are on guard!

Rableather sends us our sleeping Westie for the month! Thank you!

Willow says hi!

…..and so does Dolly!

Jeanette writes: Our boy Cooper.
He is 11+ years old, is full of character, “Westitude” and is the centre of our world . He fill our hearts with love and joy every day !

A very patriotic Madison, sent in by Judy Scott. We love this!

Mona Lemieux sends us this superb action shot of Miro enjoying some playtime!

We love seeing your gorgeous Westies pictures, so please keep sending them! You can send your images over social media or by email here.

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