Natural Ingredient of the Month: Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has long been used in human nutrition, where it is regarded as the herb to help support liver function, however we now have a much better understanding of how it can also benefit your Westie.

Acute and chronic liver disorders are something that a Westie can suffer from. This frequently involves damage to the cells that help keep the liver healthy resulting from an imbalance in the production and removal of free radicals. This has a direct impact on antioxidants and on oxidative stress, oxidative and antioxidative enzymes and therefore on inflammation.

Whilst reducing damage to the liver is an essential component of milk thistle activity, the major active ingredient is Silybinin, a compound with antioxidant properties) which has the role of mopping up free radicals among other roles.

Another important function is the interaction of Silybinin with histamine producing cells. This has relevance both to asthmatic and allergenic issues that Westies can be prone to. Milk Thistle is often incorporated into supplements for dogs that address breathing and itchy skin issues. Foreign proteins (inhaled seeds, biting bug secretions, toxins) stimulate histamine release that can inflame airways, the vascular system, the gastrointestinal tract, the skin and some nerve endings. As such the actions of Milk Thistle are regarded as “soothing.”

As a result, Milk Thistle is included in The Golden Paste Company’s TurmerItch Salmon triangles, a supplement formulated for skin and coat health, the milk thistle has a calming element for your Westie, as well as improving the antioxidant status and supporting the bioavailability of the supplement. If you’re thinking about adding a high-quality Turmeric supplement to your Westie’s diet and think that Milk Thistle would benefit them, try TurmerItch™ today by visiting

This article is sponsored by The Golden Paste Company.

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