Your Dogs: January

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the response we have received and can’t wait to enjoy more pictures and adventures from your beautiful dogs!

Three wonderful Westie’s sent in by Anthea Steel. I hope they were off somewhere nice!

A stunning sketch for Beezlee, kindly sent by Judith Drosky.

June Isabelle sends her story: This is Charlie aged 10 1/2 I adopted him when was nearly 4 he had a very tough beginning was bullied by another westie and caged for most of his early years he came to me with no toys blankets and a very manky collar he now lives like a king and we love him to the moon and back he still has flash backs is very wary of newspaper, not keen on men but adores my husband he is my rock and nursed me back to health following a stroke I had.

A lovely shot of Frank and Clementine, sent by Larry Delaney.

Here’s Daisy having a jolly old time at Christmas!

Huhuhuhu sends us this playful pup!

Thank you for this wonderful picture sent by Dolar.Westie!

This is Finlay. He loves people and often pops into the village shops and businesses to get cuddles! Thank you Helen Porter.

He may be 14 and starting to slow down, but Julio still loves his walks! Thank you Marc.

Another lovely Christmas picture. Here is Mackenzie, as sent by Anna Broyles.

Victoria Scriven sends us this beautiful shot of a sleeping Maggie May.

Sleeping is the theme of this month! Here is Maisie, sent to us by Suzanne Lawton.

Heather Schoenrock had some great help this Christmas from Maximus!

Molly is ready for he winter walk. Molly is a rescued westie, who was fostered 2 years ago. Thanks for the pupdate Westiemom!

Noodle is striking a fantastic pose in this winter photo! Thank you Lindsay Wright.

We love seeing your gorgeous Westies pictures, so please keep sending them! You can send your images over social media or by email here.

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