Ingredient of the Month: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is among the most frequently used natural supplements for its reported health benefits in humans. ACV studies discovered anti-obesity, antibacterial, antifungal, cardiovascular, anti-cancer and anti-Alzheimer’s properties for people. However, for dogs like Westies, major benefits involve allergic and digestive functions, cognitive function, support for coat condition and an ability to help repel fleas.

ACV is, as the name implies, an end product of cider apple fermentation, characterised by a number of bioactive components (a component that has a biological effect). These include polyphenols – these are powerful antioxidants that both mop up free radicals (oxidative parameters that can attack tissue structure and function), but also are involved in the regulation of oxidative and antioxidative enzymes; these impact inflammatory and oxidative stress systems in your Westie. Examples of these polyphenols are chlorogenic acid, and flavonoids including quercetin, and it is these compounds that give ACV its actions. Of particular importance is the role of quercetin in the release of histamine and the influence it has on allergic reactions and stomach ulcer generation.

As a result of this, ACV can be used to aid digestion in dogs, as well as a supplement to support the body’s response to allergies. ACV is also an ingredient that is neuroprotective (protecting nerve ends from damage) which means that it can optimise cognitive function, combatting age related decline in your Westie.

That’s not all – a further benefit of ACV for your Westie is that externally, the mildly acidic properties help maintain the skin and coat as well as having antiseptic and repellent properties.

ACV is included in The Golden Paste Company’s TurmerItch™ where its histamine interaction and neuroprotective function helps reduce itching & irritation for your Westie and provides general support to their digestion and anti-inflammatory processes.

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