Ingredient of the Month – Thyme

If you think you might need to add in something extra to your Westie’s diet, then you’ll have found that the potential of various plant extracts, herbs and spices are well documented. Although Eastern herbs and spices have been introduced into the canine market, probably fuelled by long term usage in folklore, there are plenty of less exotic herbs available, some being equally effective in supporting natural processes in your dog.

One of these is Thyme; often used as an ingredient in western diets, Thyme is also rich in bioactive compounds (chemicals that have an effect on living organisms). Just like with many herbs such as Rosemary, Cinnamon and Citrus, there are a range of antioxidative components that are present that can have a positive impact for your Westie. The role of these antioxidants are far reaching once absorbed. One of the key benefits is reducing free radicals (components that damage cell membranes, cause oxidative stress and lead to inflammation) and therefore helping to maintain your dog’s anti-inflammatory cycles.

However, it is the essential oil component that makes Thyme an exciting product for dogs. These bioactive ingredients, (mainly two called Thymol & Carvacrol), have been shown to be a strong free radical scavenger and help maintain anti-inflammatory cycles at gut level and also help oxidative stress internally. This latter process also interacts with systems that help relieve itching. Given that itchy skin is common in Westies, feeding Thyme can help to provide a soothing experience for your bestie.

Whilst these benefits could be accomplished with other ingredients, there is a further benefit to feeding Thyme and the essential oils within it. Terpenes from the essential oils are distributed through the skin where they are then secreted onto the skin surface through the sebaceous glands situated at the base of the hair roots. Not only do these essential oils support skin condition through maintaining suppleness and elasticity, but they also have a repellent effect on surface parasites, particularly fleas.

Not just a strong antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory support, but also a flea repellent and itch soother – Thyme is the ideal addition to your Westie’s diet.

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