The Natural Dog Expo to Take Place in May 2024

The one-day event hosts leading health experts sharing science and advice on what’s best for your canine

The Natural Dog Expo is back for 2024, and with a top line up of speakers and experts it is the perfect place to find out more about your dog and their health.

The one day event, which takes place at the Voco St John’s Hotel, Solihull on May 5 2024, draws together dog guardians with leading natural pet experts including vets and researchers.

Speakers at the forthcoming expo include Dr Brendan Clarke, who is clinical director and head veterinary surgeon at one of the leading centres for integrative veterinary care in the UK, and pet biome researcher Carol Hughes.

Presented by broadcaster and canine expert Anna Webb, the day’s aim is to be a gathering of leading natural health experts, sharing science and advice on how to help your dog live the healthiest life they can.

Raw food brand Mersey Raw and antiseptic pet care business Leucillin have been named as lead sponsors of the Natural Dog Expo.

Caroline Griffith, organiser of the event, and pet industry nutrition consultant, said: “We are proud to partner with Mersey Raw and Leucillin to put together this incredible event. Both brands were at the 2023 event and were impressed, asking if they could sponsor this year.

“The Natural Dog Expo really is the go-to event for dog guardians who want to find out more about the science behind the natural choices that they make for the dog in their life. We have put together a strong panel of experts with some wonderful information and advice to share.”

On the day as well as panel talks and question and answer sessions, there will be a dedicated canine nutrition stand, where visitors can ask experts direct questions about their own dog.

Caroline added: “There is a growing move in the wider pet industry towards more natural options. For anyone who is interested in the brands and experts who have been leading this then we look forward to meeting you. The event will be a great opportunity for networking, and a friendly environment to ask questions and learn.”

A spokesperson for Mersey Raw, said: “We attended the 2023 event and found the day so informative and fun we knew sponsoring was something we wanted to do, events like this are very much needed in the natural dog and raw feeding community.”

And a spokesperson for Leucillin added: “What the Natural Dog Expo started last year I know will snowball, I truly feel that every single delegate came away from the day utterly buzzing about the experience.”

To find out more about the Natural Dog Expo, and to book your tickets go to

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