Vet Pricing to be Investigated by UK Watchdog

The dominance of large chains at the expense of independent practices is being addressed

The decision by the UK watchdog to initiate a formal investigation into veterinary pricing is not just much needed but also long overdue, addressing concerns voiced by thousands of pet owners.

The lack of transparency in pricing has left countless pet owners in a state of uncertainty regarding the potential financial implications of treatment, leading to situations where some may delay seeking veterinary care out of fear of hefty bills, meaning animals endure unnecessary suffering.

“It always feels like such a gamble when you take an animal to the vet – you never quite know what you’ll be charged for and it’s common to walk away with a small bottle of drops that cost upwards of £60 on top of a consultation fee that you can’t claim on your pet insurance,” said Michael Foote, CEO of pet insurance comparison site,

He continued, “Pet owners must be provided with clear and transparent pricing information upfront, akin to the clarity one expects from healthcare services such as dental care, with banding for certain types of treatments. 

By being transparent about treatment costs, if there are any alternatives available and offering clarity on what can be claimed through pet insurance, veterinarians can empower owners to make more informed decisions about their pets’ health and well-being and help prospective pet owners make decisions about whether or not they can afford pet ownership.”

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