How to Spot Early Warning Signs of the Insects in your Home

Fleas are rife this year

Brits are being warned to look out for fleas as the blood-sucking insects could invade millions of homes.

The experts at are helping homeowners identify whether or not their homes are infested with fleas with eight common warning signs.

With temperatures starting to dip, many Brits will be turning their heating on to cope with the colder conditions.

This can result in clusters of fleas invading homes across the country, as the tiny insects thrive in warm and humid conditions.

The early warning signs of fleas in homes include tiny specs on the carpet, itchy bumps on the skin and pets scratching themselves more than usual.

Nic Shacklock from said: “As we get further into the autumn season, we want to warn people not to be surprised if their homes are invaded by packs of fleas.

“They don’t just latch onto pets; they can also give us nasty bites that’ll have us itching uncontrollably.

“Some early warning signs that indicate your home is infested by fleas include excessive scratching from pets and small, red splashes appearing on bedding.

“If you find fleas in your home, we advise using baking soda as well as a solvent of lemons, white vinegar and water on areas where they’ve been present.”

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