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What Age Can You Start Feeding?


When you think about adding supplements to your dog’s daily diet it is usually because your dog needs extra support due to a physical health issue which they may be experiencing. However, once your dog starts to show symptoms of these issues, physical changes cannot be reversed.

What if you could feed your puppy something from an earlier age which may help act as a preventative instead?

Every breed of dog is different, and some are more susceptible to health problems such as joint issues in later life. This can lead to them needing support from an earlier age. Certain nutrients found in joint supplements can be great to feed to puppies to help with flexibility, inflammation and improve muscle and joint integrity. Most supplements will be safe to include in your puppy’s diet from 8 weeks of age up to 1 year, but it is recommended to discuss this with your vet first.

One supplement to consider feeding to your puppy is turmeric. There are a range of benefits that can be gained from turmeric including supporting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response which is great for your puppy’s muscle and joint growth and function. Not only that, Turmeric has anti-oxidant properties which helps support any issue caused by oxidative stress. If you are supporting your puppy while they are growing, then this should in turn prevent any age-related health issues as you are already helping your puppy’s joints and muscles work effectively which will result in less wear and tear.

How can you feed turmeric?

As turmeric is not water soluble you need a healthy source of oil in a turmeric supplement for your puppy’s body to absorb it. You will then also need to feed cracked black pepper alongside to maximise the absorption. Without the oil and pepper, the turmeric will naturally be discarded. The Golden Paste Company’s flagship supplement is their Turmeric Golden Paste for Dogs – a ready to feed turmeric supplement which can be added to your puppy’s daily food or fed with their favourite tasty treat!

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