What is Rawsafe and Why Should Westie Owners Take Note of It?

There’s a new accreditation in town for PET FOOD manufacturers.

This summer has seen the first of many raw pet food manufacturers be independently audited and those that are successful receive a prestigious accreditation for their manufacturing standards of excellence.

The accreditation has been developed by a team from The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society and has strong legal protection and careful processes to ensure it has real value to those manufacturers who choose to invest in gaining it and, more importantly, gives Veterinary surgeons and consumers’ confidence in the safety of top quality raw foods.

RawSAFE has appointed the largest meat hygiene inspection company in Europe to independently audit manufacturing processes against a detailed set of objective assessment criteria.  These match with those in human food manufacturing, with adjustments to accommodate food items which aren’t commonly used in human foods (such as organ meats and tripe).  As well as a planned audit, each manufacturer agrees that the auditor will make an unannounced visit to them during the year. The accreditation can only be obtained via the audit, there is no other way to gain it such as paid membership or someone endorsing a company.

UK raw dog food supplier, Paleo Ridge was one of the first brands to receive the RawSAFE certification after undergoing a thorough audit of its manufacturing processes.

Tyler Daly, CEO of Paleo Ridge, said, “We are very proud that Paleo Ridge is officially RawSAFE certified. Our focus is always on the health and wellbeing of dogs and the accreditation is testament to the high quality of our food and manufacturing processes. Manufacturing standards can differ greatly from business to business, it’s very important that there is now a standard which oversees and regulates the manufacture of safe, healthy pet food that consumers can buy with confidence and that Vets can stand behind.

“At Paleo Ridge, we pride ourselves on implementing an industry leading, best practice approach.  We go above and beyond in sourcing, welfare, nutritional testing, and manufacturing. The new certificate will reassure customers that our products meet the highest possible standards, improving the reach and reputation of the Paleo Ridge brand as we seek to help dogs nationwide live happy and healthy lives.”

At the time of writing, 23 companies have applied to be audited.  So, what does this mean for Westie owners? It means that beloved Westies will have a large range of products to choose from which are made with the very best of manufacturing processes.

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