5 Benefits of Pumpkin

As well as being tasty, this superfood is filled with vitamins which will support your Westie’s health and wellbeing

This autumnal/winter squash contains vitamins A, C and E and is brilliant to have on standby at any time of year. It’s packed with minerals such as Iron and Potassium and due to its fibre, it helps dogs suffering with constipation and diarrhea.

Canned pumpkin is probably the best to give to your Westie as you don’t need to do anything to it except feed it. You won’t need an entire tin of pumpkin in one sitting so why not freeze it and give it to your bestie as a defrosted little treat when he needs a little help with his stomach?

(Don’t give your dog Pumpkin Pie filling as this is full of totally different ingredients!)

If you’re feeling adventurous you can always bake (until soft) your left-over pumpkin that you’ve carved out of the shell, remove the seeds, and cut into small pieces for your Westie.

You don’t want to give your Westie too much pumpkin, however, as too much fibre isn’t good…so start off by giving small quantities and always consult your Vet before doing so. If your pal has been diagnosed with kidney problems, then it’s best to give canned pumpkin a miss as it can be high in Phosphorous and Potassium.

Pumpkin contains an antioxidant called beta-carotene. This helps boost the immune system and is said to also help maintain the health of a dog’s eyes.

What’s more, pumpkin is a natural dewormer and also improves urinary tract function so all in all, pumpkin is an all-rounded when it comes to helping your dog’s health.

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