Simply Sardines

This small oily fish has numerous health benefits for your westie.

This little silvery fish packs a big punch in the nutrition stakes.  They might look a bit ugly and have a strong not-so-welcome smell, but they are absolutely packed full of yummy goodness.  For instance, the high Omega 3 content helps with inflammation, and this little smelly oily fish is an excellent source for your Westie. So if you are looking to add an omega 3 to your Westie’s diet, then the simple sardine is a far superior source than an oil or a capsule.
This tiny fish is the whole package when it comes to beneficial goodness that you can add to your Westie’s food.
They are dense in Protein and Minerals, such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium, Taurine, Vitamins D, B6, B3, B12, Co-enzyme Q10, Trace minerals including zinc, manganese, iodine, copper and selenium.
Feeding sardines regularly may help to fight cancer and heart disease, including cardiovascular function.

Helps to improve brain function
Helps to keep eyes healthy
Helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis
Sardines also contain EPA and DHA which is linked to improving mood

Research has also shown that sardines may help in preventing allergy symptoms.  They can also help reduce inflammation of the skin.
Sardines can be fed with a raw diet to help balance the fats in chicken (chicken is high in omega 6), they can be fed with a home cooked diet, or even as a topper on processed food.  Sardines can also be used to entice fussy eaters to eat, or as a snack.
Sardines are a cheap way to add so many beneficial things to your Westie’s diet.  You can feed them raw, (just remember they need to be frozen for around three weeks to kill any potential parasites), or canned, (you can buy sardines in oil or spring water) or even use them to make treats. 

Sue Makepeace is Founder of the Westie Advice Group (WAG) and is also a certified Raw Dog Nutrition Specialist.

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