Boostiful Broccoli

Entice your Westie to eat healthy dinners with this little treasure of a vegetable.

Broccoli has been called the Crown Jewel of Nutrition by health professionals and nutritionists the world over.  This little green tree is packed full of goodness and deliciousness, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your doggy dinners.

Broccoli has been said by many to contain cancer fighting properties, it’s high in protein, low in fat and sugars, it’s also packed full of fibre.  If you could only ever offer one vegetable, then broccoli is the one.

There are so many reasons why broccoli should be fed to your dog on a regular basis.

This little green veggie contains vitamin C which can help boost the immune system and has been known to help fight cancer.

Broccoli contains high levels of zinc which is essential as dogs are unable to make their own, they rely on food as their main source.  It also helps if your dog suffers from a zinc deficiency.  Without zinc in the diet a dog can be at risk of heart disease, skin issues, blindness, and gastrointestinal issues. Sulforaphane is also found in broccoli, this can help remove cancer cells and may also help prevent cancer from spreading.  It can also help decrease inflammation.

This little green wonder veggie also is high in calcium and potassium which helps in maintaining strong bones and bone density. It’s also great to add it to the diet of growing dogs.

Broccoli also contains carotenoids which may be beneficial to your dog’s eye health.

How do you feed this delicious green veggie?

I prefer to lightly steam it rather than feed raw, if you prefer raw then remove the stem as it’s quite dense and for some dogs may be a choking hazard.  Another way to serve broccoli is to blitz it up in a blender with some other green veggies and make a green sauce, you can then freeze it in ice cube trays and defrost and serve as and when you need it.

When you first offer broccoli start slowly with a small amount.  Broccoli should not make up more than 10% of your Westie’s diet.

How can we make dinners more of an eating experience?

Feeding your Westie should not just be about dishing up their food straight into a bowl, platter, or plate, it’s about offering an eating experience.  It’s not just about fresh foods that are good for them, it’s also about offering your dog foods they enjoy.  Offer them what they really like, different textures, smells, and tastes so their food is an enjoyable experience.  

Offer a meal of lots of different types of foods and they will be healthier and love you even more than they already do.

Sue Makepeace is the founder of the Westie Advice Group on Facebook and is also a certified Raw Dog Nutrition Specialist

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