Your Dogs: October

Another month of stunning images from our wonderful readers, thank you so much!

Here is Noodle having fun, sent in by Lindsay Wright!

Thank you Sheona Patterson, hello Piper and Maisie!

Here’s 2 year old Loki Shugert, from Beaver, Pennsylvania. Thank you Jody Shugert.

Zoya having fun in the woods, sent in by Evelyn!

Here is Bobbi, a super best friend, family member and therapy dog for Sam. Wonderful. Sent in by LouLouBelle

Here’s Olive (aged 1), on squirrel patrol! Thank you Amanda Stanley.

Our hearts melt for Jensen & Lacy. Thank you Carole Anne Jackson.

Here’s Billy, a lovely Westie-Bichon cross. Sent in by Leeann Findlay Smith.

WOW! Courtney, Cullen, Candace, Jack, Casey & Abbie, sent by James Edwards.

Here’s Prim, by Mo Morgan. Prim lives with her brother Polo. Thank you for your rescue story and how wonderful you are, you beautiful dogs.

Here is Daisy, sent in by Beaute

Hey there Klaus! Thank you MarieMGamboa

…and here is Aitor too!

Tongue out, but was it Tuesday? Thank you to Debra for sending this lovely picture of her Westie Bianca.

…and here is Bianca sharing a lovely smooch with Iggy!

Boomer & George are having a great time at the beach! Thanks for sending this Anja Rehm

We love seeing your gorgeous Westies pictures, so please keep sending them! You can send your images over social media or by email here.

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