A Day in the Life of Magnus & Lilly

We all know Westies rule the roost…

Fiona Johnstone gives us a timeline of duties that her dog’s insist on


I awake to Magnus appearing at the top of the bed from under the duvet cover and Lilly uncurling herself from the pillow. Both perform a synchronised shake and stretch. Must be time to get up!

First task of the day is walkies which involves all their favourite things, squirrel chasing, zoomies, barking and rolling in the grass.


Back home for a very important task…eating, they love their food!! Usually consists of a chicken wing or their complete raw food. Followed by some strawberries, blueberries & goats’ yoghurt.

Then it’s time for a well-earned snooze.


Magnus keeps patrol of the house and barks at all the scooters that pass by, as we obviously need to be protected from them! Lilly tells her brother off as he keeps waking her up with his incessant barking. They also have a few rounds of the bitey face game.


Lunchtime walkies, more squirrel chasing and getting up to Westie mischief. Such fun!!


Oh, it’s food time AGAIN!! More yummy raw food. Finished off with a little dessert of apple. All that walking, playing & eating means it time for another snooze. Usually with legs in the air and not a care in the world (apart from if that scooter passes again!!).


They both awake from their slumber coz you know what time it is now…SNACK TIME! A very important part of the afternoon which must not be missed. The humans have to be reminded of this most days as they seem to forget the time but fear not, Magnus and Lilly have their alarms set! So, the snack usually consists of a yummy braided Pizzle, lamb skin, fish skin, goats’ ear etc. that’s them busy for 10 minutes or so. Then back to their snoozles. It’s a hard life!


The bellies must be at them again as they start to pester for their dinner. Bit early but worth a try! They think that if we sit in the kitchen then some food may appear. If we trip our humans up, they will surely feed us early. Nope they have to wait!!


It’s finally dinner time. Like they haven’t eaten enough already!

After dinner Lilly loves a play with one of her toys or babies. Magnus gets his baby in a head lock in his bed and cradles it to sleep. Which results in a very dry mouth upon waking.

Oh, and then they both enjoy either a frozen Kong or something delicious in their snuffle mat.

Then it’s time for another nap!


Magnus or Lilly will awaken and alert us to the time as it’s SUPPER TIME! Time for a sardine cookie and goat’s milk!

Then back to sleep.


Prince Magnus gets carried to bed. Princess Lilly also gets carried to bed. Not spoilt at all!! I squeeze into the space of the bed that has been left for me, usually at the edge. It’s lights out till morning when the routine starts all over again!

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