How TurmerEase™ Can Benefit your Westie?

As the warm weather approaches, you might be enjoying more frequent and longer Springtime walks with your four-legged bestie. How can you ensure that you can keep enjoying long, active walks with them for many years to come?

Introducing a supplement that supports your dog’s joints should be something you consider long before your dog actually shows symptoms of joint issues. Once symptoms start presenting themselves in issues such as arthritis, the effects cannot be reversed, only managed.

TurmerEase™ from The Golden Paste Company (GPCo) is specially formulated with high-quality Turmeric to support your dog’s joints by supporting their natural inflammatory processes. Your Westie will love these tasty chicken slices which are dried rather than baked to maintain all the goodness inside! A blend of Black Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar and Yucca ensures that the Turmeric is more easily absorbed so that your dog gets the most from every mouthful.

Not only is TurmerEase™ great for your dog’s joints, it also helps boost the immune system, aids digestion by supporting the naturally occurring microflora in the stomach and helps to keep their coat healthy and shiny.

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