Is Light and Love the Key to a Happy, Healthy Life?

In our brand-new column, Rachel Bolton reveals how she channels healing energy to animals suffering with physical, behavioural, and spiritual problems through her gift of ancient healing.

“I explored other areas of natural medicine when younger, studying acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, massage, and flower essences…”

“Some issues I have helped to resolve are; digestive issues, not eating, lameness, heart and lung problems, spinal issues, aggression, timidity, hyperactivity, cancer, recovery from operations, and helping dogs and their families when the time of passing is near”. 

Tell us about your healing sessions for dogs and how this all started 

My remote healing sessions are an effective and powerful, yet natural and gentle approach to supporting a dog’s physical, emotional, mental, behavioural, and spiritual life. I was born a healer and my gifts allow me to channel healing energy from a distance to animals anywhere in the world. 

The healing is far-reaching so although I may not focus directly on an animal’s custodian, they always feel the benefit. My clients often share how they felt the work within themselves during the healing session on their animal friend, affecting them both in a positive way.

In my twenties, I lived with an ever-changing pack of dogs, in my ‘home from home’ boarding establishment for dogs, which I’d wild walk twice a day. During this time, I held regular healing circles for the dogs to help those in need. It was an intensive seven years. I worked seven days a week and immersed myself into the life of dogs and their pack behaviour. Eventually, I decided to stop the boarding but continued with my healing practice for people and animals and it has been running ever since for over twenty years. I explored other areas of natural medicine when younger, studying acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, massage, and flower essences but eventually I realised my healing abilities were all that I needed. As well as my remote healing sessions I hold regular one-day retreats for owners and dogs –

Tell us about the different things you can help withphysical, behavioural etc. Tell us about your gift.

Some issues I have helped to resolve are; digestive issues, not eating, lameness, heart and lung problems, spinal issues, aggression, timidity, hyperactivity, cancer, recovery from operations, and helping dogs and their families when the time of passing is near. 

Often a dog will have healing for physical problems during which time many other areas of their life change. For example, a dog whose natural character was to be inward became more affectionate and outgoing after his physical condition transformed.

Many people are skeptical about people claiming to be healers.’  What is your response to this?

My years of experience, the animals and people that I have helped testify to the validity and effectiveness of my healing work. Throughout history, healers have been held in high regard as well as feared. Recently science has proven that healing increases the haemoglobin levels in the blood which helps support the immune system, helps repair cells and damaged enzymes, and speeds up the recovery process from illness. They have also conducted experiments to show when someone miles away is sending remote healing, the recipient’s DNA is affected for the better. But so much about healing is beyond science and the constructs of present-day belief systems. I am not here to fight with skeptics, I am here to walk my talk as a healer in the Western world of the 21st century. There may be charlatans but there are charlatans in all areas of life and so one needs to discern who they put their trust in.

Can you explain how you can help dogs via online consultations?

A few days after a remote healing session with me, there is an online consultation. This session allows animal custodians to look more deeply into what is going on with their animal friends. It is also a time to receive additional information to support the physical and emotional life of them both. One client lived with an aggressive dog, but she came to understand how much of her inner world was being highlighted by him. They both travelled on a healing journey over the coming months with me and transformed their lives for the better. If a group of sessions is booked, the follow-up consultation can be swapped out for more remote healing until a further zoom support session is required.

Give us some examples of how youve helped dogs and tell us about the kind of problems they had.

Baxter, a three-year-old Chihuahua, at seven months old, was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and atlantoaxial subluxation. He endured four brain surgeries and a spinal surgery. Over the following months, he suffered ‘down days,’ where he would withdraw from the world, not eat, drink or engage. This was accompanied by sickness and significant dehydration, causing him to be put on a saline drip for rehydration a few times a month. The remote work I did with Baxter over six weeks has helped to bring him back to life and I often receive videos of him zooming around. We helped to change the energetic frequency of his whole system so he can live with an energetic signature that serves him. Baxter’s human companion now gifts him with monthly healing sessions to support his overall health.  

There are vets who will say your work is not credible. Please respond.

Life can offer animals a plethora of options to suppress pain and manage disease. However, few address the causes of deep emotional patterns that may be attached to the problems. The human companion also needs to be taken into consideration when looking at an animal’s health and wellbeing. Veterinary science often uses surgery and/or drugs as a response to a dog’s health problem. I have ancient healing gifts that allow me to do much of the same work without the use of either. For example, I healed a dog who had digestive issues which the vets could not resolve. After healing, her digestive issues, as well as her hyperactivity, were transformed and the people who knew her commented on how much calmer she was.

A few years ago, I visited a wolf sanctuary in Arizona, USA. I offered to help an abused wolf that no one could get close to. I worked remotely and afterward the owner commented on how many animal healers had come through her establishment and how my work was above and beyond all that she had experienced. She also shared how she felt the energy working on her at the same time, easing a neck problem that she had.

In conclusion to your question, I would say vets are entitled to their opinions about healing but to say my work is not credible is only based on their belief systems and not necessarily a universal truth.

Tell us about your book Sam and the Magic Tree and the charities you work with.

Sam and the Magic Tree is my self-published novella. I tell a story about how the magical inhabitants of Amazonia work together with love to restore their land and life to its former glory. Amazonia was affected by the ignorance of a conquering Mophead King and his people. My mission is to sell one million copies and donate fifty percent of the profits to sustainable charities helping animals, people, and the environment as we are all one. 

Whatever ones beliefs, your advice on bringing more love and lightinto our lives seems especially important during these strange times. Give us some steps to follow.  

We are multi-dimensional beings who create worlds through our beliefs. It is vitally important that we bring love and light into all our thoughts, words, and actions in every now moment to allow those thoughts to manifest into a world that we want to live within. Live your life with your dreams in your heart and take action from that place all of the time. Constantly acting on inner intuitive guidance. Trust that if you can keep the faith while waiting for things to manifest, never giving in to the illusion of what is happening in front of your eyes you help to change worlds! 

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