Your Dogs: September

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the response we have received and can’t wait to enjoy more pictures and adventures from your beautiful dogs!

Here is the beautiful Chelsea, sent in by Thomas Brown – absolutely picture perfect!

This is Mackenzie sent in by Anna Broyles – What a sweet photo!

Here’s Ronnie sent in by Karen Crane – an absolute darling!

Here is a stunning image of Hamish & Isla, sent in by Roberta Blair Young!

Another great shot of Hamish on the go, sent in by Roberta Blair Young!

Meet Chester, Baxter & Milo, sent in by Denise Mineham!

Pamela Malone sends us the adorable Snowball!

A lovely picture of Freddie, aged 4.

A tired Vinnie!

A super shot of the delightful Bonnie!

What are you up to there Benji!

Parker & Pete, sent in by Bonnie Roersma-Wilson

A beautiful shot, sent in by Linda Valentine.

Maria Ellis has sent us this wonderful picture!

Carlin, looking out onto the bay.

and a beautiful shot of Cookie. Rest In Peace, little one x

We love seeing your gorgeous Westies pictures, so please keep sending them! You can send your images over social media or by email here.

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