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Yakeese bars boast numerous health benefits and what’s more your Besties will love them

The Benefits of Yakeese

• You’re giving your Westie a healthy treat

• Yakeese bars are low in fat

• These snacks are long-lasting for small dogs

• Yakeese bars relieve boredom and keep dogs entertained. The knawing action softens the bar and rewards them with small cheesy pieces

• Good Value for Money – when the bar becomes too small to chew, simply soak it in water, pop it in the microwave and create a YAKEESE PUFF

• There are no chemicals in Yakeese

• These snacks are grain free

• Yakeese are low in Lactose

• Rich in protein for muscle health

• No odour

• No staining

• Gluten free

• No artificial colours or flavourings

• Helps to keep teeth healthy fighting plaque/tartar build up

• Yakeese are available in a range of sizes

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