Keep your Westie Cool during the Summer Months

Check out these top tips on how to keep your dog comfortable in the heat

As we approach the summer months, pet owners are being urged not to use cold water in an attempt to cool their dogs.

The experts at are encouraging owners to use lukewarm water instead to avoid sending their four-legged friends into shock.

Cold showers are often used as a quick-fix solution to cool down but dousing a dog with chilly water can have unwanted consequences.

The low water temperature can startle them, potentially leading to biting and barking.

The experts are urging dog owners to provide a designated shaded area in the garden and rinse their four-legged friends with cool to lukewarm water to keep them cool.

Andy Ellis, an expert at, said: “Dogs love to soak up the warm weather, but they can quickly become overheated if they spend too long in the sun.

“However, it’s important not to rinse them off with ice-cold water, as this can shock them and cause stress.

“We’re encouraging all dog owners to be mindful of this when cooling their pets down and to instead use lukewarm water, cooling mats and frozen treats as safer alternatives.”

Here are safer ways to cool dogs down:

  1. Use lukewarm water

Freezing water can startle dogs which can cause serious distress. Instead, cool them down with lukewarm water, this will be less of a shock to their system and more of a comfortable experience.

  1. Gently pour water over them

Avoid using a bucket and gently pour the water on their head and body so they remain comfortable. Make sure to always wet their paws to prevent them from becoming burnt.

  1. Set up a designated shaded area in the garden

If your dog is spending most of the sunny day in the garden, make sure they have a cool, shaded area so they don’t get overheated.

  1. Use cooling mats

Cooling mats can help work as an instant relief for dogs. If you’re struggling to get your dog to sit on the mat, place some of their favourite treats on top to attract them to it.

  1. Feed frozen treats

Frozen carrots and bananas are great treats to give your dogs which will also help to cool them down.

  1. Rinse the garden

If your patio is in direct sunlight the surface can become extremely hot which can damage your dogs’ paws. It’s worth spraying over the surface to prevent any harm when your pets are roaming around outside.

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